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Why do you rely on the experience of a friend or a social network to plan your training instead of following the advice of a team formed by Doctors of Genetics, Physical Activity and Sport, Nutrition, Biochemistry, Pharmacy and Medicine?

The best experts of each field work with us to design an entirely unique and innovative methodology capable of changing your life: the #BaigeneMethod

David Celorrio DAvid Celorrio Doctor in Genetics & CEO Supervision of the Integral Baigene Method and scientific research BAigeneTeam José Mª Aznar José Mª Aznar Doctor in Genetics & CEO Interpretation of genetic analysis and research BAigeneTeam Izarbe Yarza Izarbe Yarza Nutritionist Leads the Baigene group of nutritionists and she is specialist in sports nutrition BAigeneTeam Imanol Santoyo Imanol Santoyo Nutritionist specialized in health Nutritionist BAigeneTeam Eñaut Ozaeta Eñaut Ozaeta Bachelor of Science in Physical Activity and Sports Sports director of the Baigene Sports Method BAigeneTeam Dani Lucas Dani Lucas Baigene Method in Baigene Lab Vitoria BAigeneTeam Bachelor of Science in Physical Activity and Sports Mikel Calahorra Mikel Calahorra Baigene Lab Bahrain Director Coach and manager BAigeneTeam


Baigene was founded in 2013 with the main objective of achieving excellence in sport performance and achieving greater wellness and a healthier lifestyle for people through genetic information, unique to each of us.

Research, the latest advances, new technologies and the best experts in each field are the basis on which Baigene is built.

Baigene's research is focused on the DNA. In order to achieve new goals, we conduct continuous research actions with prestigious entities in the fields of sports and medicine. These actions are undertaken from a multidisciplinary perspective in collaboration with public entities and private companies.

We collaborate on R&D projects

  • Athletic Club de Bilbao
  • Gobierno Vasco
  • Unidad de Cirugía Artroscópica del Doctor Mikel Sánchez
  • Universidad del País Vasco
  • Ironman
  • Spartan
  • microLiQUID
  • La Liga Santander
  • Universidad de Deusto

Baigene's code on genetic information

  • Genetic information belongs exclusively to the person who takes the test. Baigene provides you with a total guarantee of security and confidentiality in the treatment of your genetic data.
  • The utility of genetic information lies in bringing to light relevant information that will enable you to personalise your sports strategy and reach your individual goal in an optimal way.
  • Genetic information does not define or determine you, as it is strongly influenced by the environmental factors: training, nutrition, climate, stress, etc.
  • Therefore, genetic information is actually of no use for talent identification.
  • Genetic information should never be used to exclude someone.
  • Baigene aims to provide the clearest and most accurate genetic information possible, to enable all individuals to fully understand it and use it.
  • Baigene’s reports are of the highest scientific rigour.

Strict confidentiality and security

Genetics is the most intrinsic information to the individual, which is why it is considered personal data that requires a high level of security in its treatment and processing.

All the information acquired through genetics is completely confidential and it belongs to you alone. Therefore, you should always be aware that the disclosure of this information to someone else is exclusively your right and responsibility.


Since Baigene was founded, our priority has been to ensure that our clients’ personal data is safe and to scrupulously comply with data protection regulations. For this reason, we have had external professional advice on data protection regulations for years and since 2020, we have had worked with an external data protection expert, who can be contacted to answer any questions you might have: dpd@baigene.com.

We are committed to treat your personal data as our own: with sensitivity, security, caution and respect.

You, as a client, rely all your trust on us, and we are committed to informing you in a straightforward and transparent way about how we will use your data. You can consult our data protection policy at www.baigene.com.


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