Planning and monitoring

Is time to get the best out of you

An individual's genetic information is a key factor to personalise the training and nutrition as it affects injury risks, recovery time, performance and health by up to 50%. Once we have all the genetic and environmental information on your current condition, we can personalise at maximum your training and nutrition plan, whatever your goal is. From the training, nutrition and supplementation of a professional cyclist, to strength training for adults who want to improve their health and postural hygiene, to executives who need to maximise their time but still want to stay fit.

Our multidisciplinary team will design, implement and follow up your exclusive and complete training and nutrition plan so that you can apply it wherever you are, which, together with the work in our BaigeneLab, makes for a winning combination.

We help you to create a training, dietary and supplementation plan so you can achieve your goals:

  • Improve and maximise performance
  • Reduce injury risks
  • Extend sporting life
  • Exercise in the healthiest way
  • Improve the quality of life
  • Lose weight and fat
  • Rebalance your body and get rid of aches and pains
  • Stay in shape even when you don't have time

Achieve all your goals in the healthiest and most efficient way in our BaigeneLab


Whether you are a professional athlete or a beginner and want to maximise your performance, the #BaigeneMethod helps you to achieve all your goals based on your genetics. We design and monitor a unique training programme tailored just for you, focused on maximising your potential. It's not about training more, it's about training better.

Trainning at BaigeneLab
Nutrition is key in our trainning


Nutrition is a key factor in all individual's health, wellness and performance. Based on your genetics, current physical condition and a complete questionnaire, we design and monitor in real time a diet made by and for you. You will start to see the benefits from day one, whether it affects health or sport performance.


Genetics testing and environmental analysis

We analyse what makes you different (genetics) in diverse factors such as the risk of injury, fatigue, recovery, muscular typology, nutrient assimilation, supplementation, inflammation and a long etc…, as well as your current physical condition and how to apply it in favour of your health and well-being or to maximise your sport performance.

Planning and monitoring

After we find out in which aspect you differ, we are ready to design a personalised plan you could have never imagined. We personalise your training and dietary plan to help you achieve your health, wellness, fitness or sport performance goals.

Planning and monitoring


Achieve your goals in our BaigeneLab, the first Genetic Fitness centre in the world. A one-to-one gym with a specific coach just for you. In this gym you will work under the BSM or Baigene Strength Methodology, 30-minute sessions with which you can achieve all your goals, whether this goals are related to health, wellness or maximising sport performance.


Sport performance

  • Performance and health
  • Improve record times
  • Self-improvement
  • High or elite-performance

Healthy lifestyle

  • Healthy lifestyle
  • Be in shape
  • Wellness
  • Improve body composition (-fat +muscle)


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