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How does the genetic test work?

The analysis is valid for your whole life, as genetic information never changes.


We take your sample in our BaigeneLab or we can send the Baigene Box to you. In this box you will find everything you need to easily collect a saliva sample, as well as detailed instructions to guide you through each step.

Sample collection

Once you have collected your saliva sample, in case you have done it yourself at home, a delivery man will go to the place you indicate to take the sample and bring it back to Baigene.

Genetics test results

About 3-4 weeks later we will send an email with a report in encrypted form, in which you will find out what distinguishes you in each analysed factor in sports and nutrition. Our team will explain to you in 30-60 minutes, presentially or online your genetics report.

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Environmental test

Once we have learned about your genetics, we want to know more about your current condition. Genetics gives us non-variable information over time, which we will complete with environmental tests to get a complete understanding of you. Is possible to take the environmental tests in our BaigeneLab, online or through several partners which will be analysed depending on the target:

  • Strength test
  • Postural hygiene
  • Imbalances and muscle weaknesses
  • Body composition
  • Personal questionnaire to know your needs

Genetics + environmental test: 100% of you

Based on all this tests we get relevant information to plan a fully personalised training, nutrition and supplementation so you can:

  • Live healthier
  • Be and stay in shape
  • Balance your body
  • Get rid of pains and aches through exercise and physical activity
  • Age in a healthy and pain-free way
  • Reduce body fat and keep your weight on track
  • Exercise or practice your sport in a healthier way

The analysis of your genetics is the key to personalise your training, nutrition and supplementation at maximum, whatever your goal is

You are unique, and your DNA fundamentally influences many aspects of physical activity and your ideal dietary plan. As surprising as it may sound, in many cases, it influences up to 50%. Thus it is a fundamental information to get to know what makes you different (Genetics) and to apply it on the design of your minimum dose of exercise and optimal nutrition.

Therefore, get out of standardised guidelines, routines, exercises, diets and tips from websites or magazines, because what works for other people might not work for you.

Our innovative analysis on genetics gives us the exact information we need to understand what makes you different from other people in relevant aspects such as:

  • Injury
  • Muscular typology
  • Nutrition
  • inflammation
  • Nutrient
  • Recovery
  • Intolerances

Once we have analysed your genetics

We want to help you get the most out of it!


Genetics testing and environmental analysis

We analyse what makes you different (genetics) in diverse factors such as the risk of injury, fatigue, recovery, muscle typology, nutrient assimilation, supplementation, inflammation and a long etc…, as well as your current physical condition and how to apply it in favour of your health and wellness.

Planning and monitoring

After we find out what makes you different, we are ready to design a personalised plan like you could have never imagined. We personalise your training and dietary plan to help you achieve your health, wellness or fitness.


Achieve your goals in our BaigeneLab, the first Genetic Fitness center in the world. A one-to-one gym with a specific coach just for you. In this gym you will work on 30 minutes sessions that will help you achieve all your goals, whether they are health, wellness or fitness goals.


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I´ve read and I accept the Privacy Policy. Acceptance is mandatory to provide the Service.