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Each individual's unique genetics is a key factor when it comes to the personalisation of your training and dietary plan, as it has up to a 50% influence on injury risks, physical condition, recovery and overall health.

Once we have compiled all the information on genetics and your current physical condition, we can personalise your training and dietary plan, whatever your goal is. Ranging from training to the dietary plan to enjoy more playing your favourite sport, to strength training for the elderly who want to improve their health and postural hygiene to executives who need to stay in shape but they have little time left for exercise.

Rely on the expertise of our team, who will design a whole training and dietary plan just for you that you can follow anywhere. Combined with the strength training in our BaigeneLab, you will soon start feeling better than ever before.

We help you create your training and dietary plan taking your goals into account:

  • Doing the activity in a healthier way
  • Improving the quality of life
  • Losing weight and body fat
  • Balance your body and get rid of aches and pains
  • Keeping fit even when you don’t have time to exercise

Achieve all your goals easily in our BaigeneLab


Whether you are a professional athlete or a beginner and want to maximise your performance, the #BaigeneMethod helps you to achieve all your goals based on your genetics. We design and monitor a unique training programme tailored just for you, focused on maximising your potential. It’s not about training more, it’s about training better.



A good dietary plan is the one designed entirely for you. At Baigene we focus on your unique genetics, your current context and food preferences to achieve your health and wellness goals: improved body composition, weight loss (always focused on the loss of body fat), muscle growth, reduced inflammation, pain relief…

Once we have planned your training and dietary plan

Maximise your potential with strength training in our BaigeneLab!


Genetics testing and environmental analysis

We analyse what makes you different (genetics) in diverse factors such as the risk of injury, fatigue, recovery, muscle typology, nutrient assimilation, supplementation, inflammation and a long etc…, as well as your current physical condition and how to apply it in favour of your health and wellness.

Planning and monitoring

After we find out what makes you different, we are ready to design a personalised plan like you could have never imagined. We personalise your training and dietary plan to help you achieve your health, wellness or fitness.


Achieve your goals in our BaigeneLab, the first Genetic Fitness center in the world. A one-to-one gym with a specific coach just for you. In this gym you will work on 30 minutes sessions that will help you achieve all your goals, whether they are health, wellness or fitness goals.


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