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Train with the minimum dose of exercise and change your life

Who is this method for?

Train with the #BaigeneMethod and change your life. Starting from your unique genetics, we help you to achieve all your goals with the minimum dose of exercise and a customization like you've never seen before. Our method is for everyone, because only think of you, from you, whether you are a person who wants to stay in shape but does not have material time to workout, or if what you want is to take care of your health and weight or what you want is to achieve your goals by training as little as possible.

Achieve all your goals with just 30 minutes of strength training a week!


  • Achieve all your goals in 30-minute sessions in 1 or 2 workouts per week
  • Improve your muscle tone, balance, body composition and health
  • Get a higher caloric expenditure in the shortest time
  • Improve your posture
  • Get rid of back, joint and knee pains
  • Lose weight and fat
  • Stay in shape within the shortest possible time
  • Get more performance and enjoyment out of your favourite sport
  • Avoid the effects of age

How we do work?

Our method is based on scientific innovation and on the experience of a multidisciplinary team that has designed a new way of training, more effective and safe, which means that you can achieve all your goals with just 30 minutes of BSM training a week ( Baigene Strength Method).

  • Choose your goals
  • We work to achieve all your goals based on your genetics and environmental status
  • Always work along with a coach just for you
  • Constant monitoring to see your evolution
  • Combine it with our nutrition service to maximize your results

Achive all your goals training in our BaigeneLab!


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