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Testimonio Martin Fiz “The applied information that gives is essential so anyone starting out in this sport does not make mistakes.” Martin Fiz , Marathon World Champion Testimonio Ivan “The CUSTOMIZATION that BAIGENE offers you in exercises, workouts, and much more, is incredible.” Iván Fernández , European Champion Testimonio MAite “Everything is so easy and that´s is going to allow me to custom in much more aspects" Maite Maiora , Trail World Champion Testimonio Lourdes “I have recommended this PERSONALIZATION Service to many of my colleagues with very extensive information about myself.” Lourdes , amateur runner Testimonio Eugenio “The applied information has been very useful to me and I would recommend Baigene to amateur runners to get to know each other much better and not commit atrocities.” Eugenio , amateur runner Testimonio Iñigo “The information and the recommendation of exercises to compensate for weak points IS VERY USEFUL.” Iñigo Varona , amateur runner