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The #BAIGENEMETHOD PERFORMANCE is a unique method worldwide, through which you will be able to start training and fulfil your athletic potential at maximum, whatever sport you practice. Our methodology is unique, with a thorough appraisal unlike anything you have never seen in the world of sports performance. It all begins with an analysis of your unique genetics and your current physical condition and body composition. With this data we will adapt your training and dietary plan efficiently and optimally, so you can maximise your performance in the healthiest way.

Addressed to:

  • Professional athletes
  • Amateur-professional athletes
  • Individuals who desire to outdo themselves


  • Improving performance in a healthy way
  • Improving record times
  • Self-improvement
  • High-elite performance


Genetic testing and environmental analysis

We analyse what makes you different (genetics) in diverse factors such as the risk of injury, fatigue, recovery, muscle typology, nutrient assimilation, supplementation, inflammation and a long etc…, as well as your current physical condition and how to apply it in your training and nutrition plan.

Planning and monitoring

After we find out in which aspect you differ, we are ready to design a personalised plan like you could have never imagined. We personalise your training – maintaining continuous contact with your trainers – and dietary plan to help you achieve all your goals and maximise your performance.


Complete your training and dietary plan with specific workouts in our BaigeneLab, the first Genetic Fitness centre in the world. A one-to-one gym with a specific coach just for you. 30-minute sessions with which you can achieve all your goals.


Quantified data for improvement in professional and amateur athletes:

Ironman Ironman 4% improvement in performance with a 48% drop in training volume Fuerza Strength + 73 % in strength gain/output/expression Maratón Marathon 6,6% reduction of marathon times Velocidad Speed 4% increase in speed performance Natacion Swimming 8% time reduction in swimming Lesionabilidad Injuryability 50% reduction in injuries

Choose your sport

Start to fulfil all your potential


A sport that consists of three sport disciplines requires a specific and detailed preparation in each one of them. Benefit from what makes you different to fulfil your potential. Ironmen and high level triathletes from all over the world have already joined the Baigene Method and have improved their performance by an average of 4% with 48% less training volume.


Whether you are into explosiveness or long distances, such as marathons or ultra-trails, you must try the Baigene Method. Start training, nourishing yourself and supplementing in a smarter way, based on your genetics, and fulfil your potential in a less damaging way.


Professional and amateur cyclists from all over the world rely on the Baigene Method to perform better on their bikes. Perform, recover, nourish and supplement yourself in a smarter and more efficient way, just designed for you and your passion for cycling.


Paddle is an individual sport played in pairs. However, each part of the couple is different, and therefore, the training and dietary plan has to be personalised according to the genetic conditions of each player. With the Baigene Method, the sum of 1+1 is much more than 2.


Basketball is a team sport in which the effort of each player must be at its maximum, and as such, the training and dietary plan must be personalised to the highest level so that each player can maximise his or her characteristics as a player. Part of the training has to be done together, but some has to be as personalised as possible in order to get the best performance from the player and therefore, help the team.


The Baigene Football Method is specially designed for all professional and amateur players who are involved in this sport. This service, based on the genetics of each athlete, offers the keys to improve at a sporting and nutritional level and thus apply it directly to their complementary training, strength and nutrition-supplementation to help them achieve their maximum potential.


The Baigene Method is revolutionising the world of strength training, fitness and every sport related to this field. A revolutionary methodology based on genetics that will completely change the way you train and help you achieve your goals in a healthier way.


The world of the Spartan racing has not been the same since the emergence of the Baigene Method. A revolution in terms of training, nutrition and supplementation that enables you to enjoy your races more and explore all your potential as the great Spartan you are.


Golf is a sport that creates a great deal of muscle imbalance. Whether you aim to perform better, or to be more efficient or to get rid of the most common aches and pains of this sport, the Baigene Method is your perfect ally. Enjoy more and perform better in your favourite sport with the winning combo: genetic analysis and personalised work in the Baigene Lab.


Strength, posture, body composition and speed. Find the perfect balance of these variants through our unique nutrition and training method. A method that comes from deep inside you, from your genetics. With our method, you will be able to reach the peak of your sport performance, as this depends almost 50% on your genetics and how you use it to achieve your goals.


Because we are not all the same, your training schedule and nutritional plan cannot be the same as everyone else’s! Do you want to know how to adjust your training schedule and dietary plan to perform at your best in the healthiest way? Join the Baigene Method and discover how to benefit from the differences that make you unique from other athletes.


They have already joined
the #BaigeneMethod

Testimonio Martin Fiz “The applied information that gives is essential so anyone starting out in this sport does not make mistakes.” Martin Fiz , Marathon World Champion Testimonio Ivan “The CUSTOMIZATION that BAIGENE offers you in exercises, workouts, and much more, is incredible.” Iván Fernández , European Champion Testimonio MAite “Everything is so easy and that´s is going to allow me to custom in much more aspects" Maite Maiora , Trail World Champion Testimonio Lourdes “I have recommended this PERSONALIZATION Service to many of my colleagues with very extensive information about myself.” Lourdes , amateur runner Testimonio Eugenio “The applied information has been very useful to me and I would recommend Baigene to amateur runners to get to know each other much better and not commit atrocities.” Eugenio , amateur runner Testimonio Iñigo “The information and the recommendation of exercises to compensate for weak points IS VERY USEFUL.” Iñigo Varona , amateur runner


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