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Planning, training, nutrition and supplementation to boost your performance

Maximise your athletic potential

How is the genetics of each athlete applied in the training, dietary and supplementation plan can influence performance, injury risks and recovery by up to 50%. It is a key factor that plays in favour of achieving the maximum performance and lengthening the sporting career.

Our multidisciplinary team can design for you exclusively or in collaboration with your trainers, nutritionists and physiotherapists a training and nutrition strategy to help you achieve your maximum in the best way, minimizing the risk of injury.

We help you create your training, dietary and supplementation plan based on your goals:

  • Improving and maximising performance
  • Reducing injury risks
  • Extending sporting life
  • Recovering from physical efforts and injuries faster


Whether you are a professional athlete or an amateur and want to maximise your performance, the #BaigeneMethod will help you achieve all your goals based on your genetics. We design and monitor a unique training programme created just for you, focused on helping you fulfil your potential. It is not about training more, it’s about training better.

Nutrition in Baigene


Nutrition and supplementation are key to improve both professional and amateur athlete’s sport performance. Achieve all your goals, from the most general ones such as improving body composition to perform better in your sport, to the most specific ones, such as training your digestive system, getting more energy from nutrition, learning new eating habits and preparing for competitions or controlling inflammation. All based on your genetics, body, sport and training.


Genetics testing and environmental analysis

We analyse what makes you different (genetics) in diverse factors such as the risk of injury, fatigue, recovery, muscle typology, nutrient assimilation, supplementation, inflammation and a long etc…, as well as your current physical condition and how to apply it in your training and nutrition plan.

Planning and monitoring

After we find out in which aspect you differ, we are ready to design a personalised plan like you could have never imagined. We personalise your training – maintaining continuous contact with your trainers – and dietary plan to help you achieve all your goals and maximise your performance.


Complete your training and dietary plan with specific workouts in our BaigeneLab, the first Genetic Fitness centre in the world. A one-to-one gym with a specific coach just for you. 30-minute sessions with which you can achieve all your goals.


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Once we have designed your training and dietary plan

Maximise your potential with strength training in our BaigeneLab!