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Nutrition and supplementation to boost your performance

Maximise your athletic potential


A nutrition and supplementation plan adapted to the athlete is key to improve sport performance and recovery and to avoid injury risks. Whether you are an elite professional athlete or an amateur, we can help you fulfil all your potential. The whole dietary and supplementation plan is created on the basis of a personalised plan that works just for you, based on your genetics, body, sport and adapted to your training.

You get to choose whether you work with our nutritionists, trainers and physiotherapists, or we can work side by side with your trusted team, entity or club.

The key is on the personalisation based on genetics and context, because it has already been proved: two athletes playing the same sport on a similar level, require a completely different dietary and supplementation plan.

It can influence up to 50% on the performance, injury risks and recovery! It is a key factor that helps you achieve peak performance and lengthen the sporting career.

Improve your performance

  • Improve and adapt the body composition to maximise your sport performance
  • Find a dietary and supplementation plan that helps you improve your performance
  • Train your digestive system to obtain more energy
  • Ad hoc nutrition and supplementation for competitions
  • Inflammation control
  • Minimise injury risks
  • Lengthen the sporting career

How does it work?

  • We examine the factors related to nutrition according to your genetics report, from the most general aspects to the most specific aspects: From the metabolism of macronutrients, such as lipids or fats, to the detoxification system or lactose intolerance or caffeine tolerance.
  • We analyse all possible factors and variables: current physical condition, food preferences, allergies, current dietary and supplementation habits, meal times, training schedules, training types… and even blood tests!
  • We keep in touch through Whatsapp to ask for any details we might need to complete your dietary plan
  • We define the goals to be achieved
  • We carry out a complete live monitoring and adapt the dietary and supplementation plan to each specific goal that might come up.

Reach your goals easily by complementing your dietary plan with strength training in our BaigeneLabs!

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